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SBH Authors


Coinfection with influenza and SARS-COV-2 in a patient in New York  Case Report                                      

Flores C, MD Sharma S, MD Michelle Dahdouh, MD Victoria Bengualid, MD                                              

New York Medical Journal  14 issue 1  May 2020

Multiple Myeloma: Role of Imaging in Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment Response Assessment

Seminars in Ultrasound CT and MRI       August 2020

Nassar S;Taher A; Wang R; Madewell  JE;  Mujtaba B

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Rates of Skin Graft or Flap Failure in Patients who have Received Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Treatment: A Retrospective Study   Clinical Article                                                                                         

Zachary Long, DO Tuttle V, DO McKinney J, Andolina P, DO Ettlinger H, DO, FAAO Kells A, MD, PhD, FACS  

New York Medical Journal 13 issue 2    December 2019

A Rare Case of Asymmetric Optic Neuritis after Inactivated Influenza Vaccine    Case Report                                      

Dibo P, MD ML Martinez, MD AM Arbelaez, MD Jain S, MD Culas R, MD Kumar A, MD Victoria Bengualid, MD                                    

New York Medical Journal 13 issue 2  December 2019

Combined Blunt and Penetrating Neck Trauma: Diagnostic and Treatment Complexities  Case Report          

Kweku Amoo, BS Mark Mahan, DO Dennis Mensah, MD Angelo Mascia, DO Gerard Baltazar, DO, FACOS

New York Medical Journal  13 issue 1   June 2019


Grade IV Splenic LAXeration: An Unusual but Potentially Mortal Sports Injury   Case Report                            

Benjamin Lieberman, OMS IV Megan Caughey, OMS IV Nicholas Michael, DO Stephen DiRusso, MD, Ph.D Gerard Baltazar, DO, FACOS

New York Medical Journal    12 Issue 2   December 2018


Case of Treatment Refractory Pulmonary Tuberculosis Due to Mycobacterium Africanum

Makkar, P; Flores, P;  Dominguez, I; Wexler, T; Dahdouh, M; Ahmed, A

New York Medical  Journal  11 issue 1  Spring 2017

Rapidly Expanding Bulla on Positive Pressure Ventilation

Chavez, O; Brazzarola, C; Smina, M; Cifra, E

New York Medical  Journal  11 issue 1  Spring 2017