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Lion in Sheep’s Clothing: Glioblastoma Mimicking Intracranial Hemorrhage  Case Report                    

Andrea Broka, Zhenisa Hysenaj, Shorabh Sharma, Razia Rehmani                                               

Cureus  13 issue 3   March 2021

Ligament of Treitz: Anatomy, Relevance of Radiologic Findings, and Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation                      

Sameh Nassar, MD, Christine O. Menias, MD, Sarah Palmquist, MD, Ayman Nada, MD, Perry J. Pickhardt, MD, Akram M. Shaaban, MD, Ayman H. Gaballah, MD and Khaled M. Elsayes, MD                                               

American Journal of Roentgenology  Online First  February 2021

Positional outflow obstruction as a cause of early refractory ascites post–pediatric living donor liver transplantation    Case Report                                      

Janwadkar A, Nagral A, Marar S, Sonavane A, Raut V, Vasanth S, Mirza D.                                               

Pediatric Transplantation  14 issue 1  January 2021

Implant Material Sciences                                        

Glied A, Mundiya J.                                               

Dental Clinics of North America   65 issue 1   January 2021


Early Experience With Methylprednisolone on SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the African American Population, a Retrospective Analysis            

Saggi SJ, Nath S, Culas R, Chittalae S, Burza A, Srinivasan M, Abdul R, Silver B, Lora A, Ibtida I, Chokshi T, Capric V, Mohamed A, Worah S, OuYang J, Geraghty P, Gruessner A, Salifu MO. Early                                               

Clinical Medicine Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine    December 2020

Pedicled Myocutaneous Flap Breast Reconstruction in the Community Hospital Setting: An Analysis of Cost and Complications      

Long Z, Huettner F, Kells A.                                               

Cureus Journal of Medical Science   12 issue 11  November 2020

Incidence of Thrombotic Events and Outcomes in COVID-19 Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units                        

Avula A, Nalleballe K, Toom S, Siddamreddy S, Gurala D, Katyal N, Maddika S, Polavarapu AD, Sharma R, Onteddu S.   

Cureus Journal of Medical Science   12 issue 10  October 2020

Linear Depigmentation After an Intralesional Corticosteroid Injection                                        

Vasile G, Hosseinipour M, Hoffman C, Gropper C.                                               

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology   13 issue 9   September 2020

Glutathione Supplementation as an Adjunctive Therapy in COVID-19                                        

Guloyan V, Oganesian B, Baghdasaryan N, Yeh C, Singh M, Guilford F, Ting YS, Venketaraman V.     

Antioxidants (Basel)   9 issue 10   September 2020

Retained bullet in the cervical spinal canal and the associated surgical management conundrum: case report and review of the literature   

Benton JA, Rahme R, Krystal J, Holland R, Houten JK, Kinon MD.                                               

Spinal Cord Series and Cases   6 issue 77   August 2020

Multiple Myeloma: Role of Imaging in Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment Response Assessment                       

Nassar S, Taher A, Wang R, Madewell  JE, , Mujtaba B                                               

Seminars in Ultrasound CT and MRI    August 2020

The Efficacy and Safety of Hemospray for the Management of Gastrointestinal Bleeding A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis                

Ofosu A, Ramai D, John F, Mohan BP, Dhindsa B, Antoine G, Hajiyeva G, Alatevi EM, Ofori E, Dhaliwal AS, Gaduputi V, Gurram KC, Reddy M, McDonough S, Adler DG.                                               

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology     July 2020

Coinfection with influenza and SARS-COV-2 in a patient in New York  Case Report                                      

Flores C, MD Sharma S, MD Michelle Dahdouh, MD Victoria Bengualid, MD                                              

New York Medical Journal  14 issue 1  May 2020

Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome Despite Appropriate Hyponatremia Correction  Case Report                    

Mansura Jahan, Shorabh Sharma, Razia Rehmani                                               

Cureus  12 Issue 5   May 2020

Austrian Syndrome in an Immunocompromised Patient  Case Report                    

Carlos E. Arias-Morales, Shorabh Sharma, Marjorie M. Flores-Chang, Razia Rehmani, Venkata Sandeep Koripalli and Michelle Dahdouh                                               

Frontiers in Medicine  7   April 2020


Rates of Skin Graft or Flap Failure in Patients who have Received Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Treatment: A Retrospective Study   Clinical Article                                                                                         

Zachary Long, DO Tuttle V, DO McKinney J, Andolina P, DO Ettlinger H, DO, FAAO Kells A, MD, PhD, FACS  

New York Medical Journal 13 issue 2    December 2019

A Rare Case of Asymmetric Optic Neuritis after Inactivated Influenza Vaccine    Case Report                                      

Dibo P, MD ML Martinez, MD AM Arbelaez, MD Jain S, MD Culas R, MD Kumar A, MD Victoria Bengualid, MD        

New York Medical Journal 13 issue 2  December 2019

Combined Blunt and Penetrating Neck Trauma: Diagnostic and Treatment Complexities  Case Report          

Kweku Amoo, BS Mark Mahan, DO Dennis Mensah, MD Angelo Mascia, DO Gerard Baltazar, DO, FACOS

New York Medical Journal  13 issue 1   June 2019

Cerebellar Cavernous Malformation (Cavernoma)  Case Report                    

Oscar Cisneros, Razia Rehmani, Katherine Garcia de de Jesus                                               

Cureus  11 Issue 4   April 2019


Grade IV Splenic LAXeration: An Unusual but Potentially Mortal Sports Injury   Case Report                            

Benjamin Lieberman, OMS IV Megan Caughey, OMS IV Nicholas Michael, DO Stephen DiRusso, MD, Ph.D Gerard Baltazar, DO, FACOS

New York Medical Journal    12 Issue 2   December 2018


Case of Treatment Refractory Pulmonary Tuberculosis Due to Mycobacterium Africanum

Makkar, P; Flores, P;  Dominguez, I; Wexler, T; Dahdouh, M; Ahmed, A

New York Medical  Journal  11 issue 1  Spring 2017

Rapidly Expanding Bulla on Positive Pressure Ventilation

Chavez, O; Brazzarola, C; Smina, M; Cifra, E

New York Medical  Journal  11 issue 1  Spring 2017